Participant Terms and Conditions and Project Privacy Statement

What you’re signing up to

By registering to participate in Bounds Green Window Show, you are agreeing for us to publish two of the pieces of information that you provide:

  1. description of your display
  2. its location

We will publish these on our website and in other communications about the project, allowing other residents to find and enjoy your display. We will not publish any other information you provide.

Terms and conditions

We ask all registered participants to remember that this project celebrates our local community and is a display for everyone to enjoy. By registering, you agree to abide by the following:

  • be considerate towards your neighbours with regards to noise, litter, traffic and any other impacts of your display.
  • be aware that Bounds Green Window Show is not liable for the safety of your home while you are participating in the exhibition. You are responsible for your own premises and garden, including considering any risks your display poses to you or to passers-by.
  • we recommend that you don’t invite viewers onto your premises as part of your display; interaction with viewers should take place on the public footpath.
  • if you use temporary structures, please ensure they are secure.
  • if using lights outside, ensure that they are secure, designed for use outdoors and use appropriate outdoor power sources.
  • please don’t use your display or the occasion to hold a competition, sell art or any other goods.
  • please ensure that the content of your display is not discriminatory, threatening, pornographic, graphically violent or inciteful of violence.

Your Personal Data

Bounds Green Window Show is organised by a small group of local residents. We, the organisers, will use your email address and name to send you updates about the project. This could include occasional project newsletters, administrative messages and other information. You may opt out from these communications at any time by clicking unsubscribe on our emails, or by emailing

We commit to storing your data securely, will not share the data you provide with any other party or organisation and will not use the information you provide for any purpose apart from the administration of this project. We are also happy to delete your personal data at any time. Email to request this.