Any questions about taking part in Bounds Green Window Show? Read on… We’ve also created a ‘How to’ pack with many more ideas and tips on making a display, which you can download here.

I’ve not got an artistic bone in my body - how can I take part?

Whether or not you consider yourself artistic, Bounds Green Window Show wants you! While we love a beautifully crafted masterpiece, there are countless ways to create an effective display without an art degree. Simple display ideas include showcasing an object special to you, creating a scene or tableau with things you already have in the house or using print outs as templates to make striking backlit silhouettes.

TOP TIP - THINK LARGE. Whatever you’re using to make your display, remember that bigger is usually better. Displays with larger elements are more visible from the street. Scale up the pieces of your collage, or if you’re assembling smaller items, use lots of them to create a bigger impact.

Are displays meant to be seen at night?

At this dark time of year, we want to light up our streets with colour and creativity. Displays lit at night look spectacular. Think about lighting as part of your planning to make sure your creation can be enjoyed in the long evenings.

Is there a theme?

We’ve not set a theme for this year’s Window Show as we’d like to see what you think is worth showing in your display. The exhibition is a celebration of all the people who make up our area and your window should display something you care about, or would love to share with your neighbours.

I live in a flat which is not at street level, how can I take part?

Displays above street level can be really striking. Remember that high contrast, large format designs work better at a distance (a few small drawings won’t be seen). Strong colour and light is the easiest way to attract attention, especially if you’re higher than the first floor.

I have a big hedge/wall in front of my property, how can I take part?

If your front windows are hidden from the street, there are lots of ways to use your front wall, hedge or garden to make a display. A bright creation on top of a wall or a design with lights in your hedge or a garden tree can be really eye-catching.

How can I find displays near me?

Take a look at our online map. We’ll also have printed maps available to collect from local businesses in the weeks ahead of the show. Note that displays are best viewed in the evening, when the lights are on, but many displays will also look great in the daytime.

For more information remember to download our ‘How to’ pack of display tips.