Ideas and tips for creating your display

There are countless ways to make a display for Bounds Green Window Show. Turn your window into a collage, write a message, a poem, or display something you love.

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

A table and a well-directed angle-poise lamp transforms any object into an illuminated sculpture on a plinth. Make a fantasy scene from cardboard. Show off your vase collection, your granddad’s train set, or your most elaborate marble run…


Pull your curtains or blinds behind the display to screen off the room, or use them to frame the scene (and hide the lamp!).

Use a combination of coloured tissue and sugar paper to create a seascape, landscape or street scene. Backlighting from your house lights will bring the scene to life.


Tape coloured films behind your window panes and switch on the lights to turn your home into a stained glass light show!